August 8, 2011

so, it's been like what.. 8 days since Ramadhan started . Alhamdulillah, i managed to stay fasting since day one without any problems. btw, today is my first day of SPM Trial exam. Bahasa Melayu was the subject. it was a hectic day though. with fasting on going, made me a wee bit tired . as usual, i normally will drink a lot either from my bottle or a daily routine, nescafe mocha, to actually freshen myself up. yes, the pressure is there, of course. it's Trial. next big thing after the real exam, SPM. tried hard pressing my ideas real hard although i knew it wasn't that hard. just tryin to do the best and make sure to get A for this one. if i fail to do so, my GPA will be scratched, worse come to worst no graduation for me. really have to do well this time. but to sum up, BM was okay. i was quite prepared and i did fairly well. i believe i can get A at least. not A+ okay. i don't believe it so :P lol

okay, moving on to Ramadhan. this year is a little bit special. it's my first time living in Kuala Terengganu and so, first time fasting here. the spirits quite high among people here than anywhere i've been especially in Ipoh. what's the best thing about here is, you don't have to try hard to hear the Azan or have to turn on the radio to know it's fast break time. instead, a loud bang from a cannon will be heard telling it's time to break . plus, for 'bersahur' too, 2 loud bangs indicates first, warning that it's almost time and second, times up . how cool is that ? haha you tell me. even in Kelantan you can't get these kind of stuff. they sure are high spirited people when it comes to this Holy Month. well, that's a good thing. so, for me it's exciting and makes me feel it is more fun cuz they celebrate it very well. so, 8 days passed.. 22 days left. quite long but for real, you don't feel like it's that long though. time passes by and turns out it's coming to an end already soon. with people busy doing their jobs and me sitting for exam surely don't feel the time as much at all. :)

to be honest, i can't wait for raya. not that i don't like fasting or too excited about enjoying, getting 'duit raya' and stuffs.. but i just want to get things back to normal to allow myself to focus and concentrate more for SPM cuz really, this whole month always makes things slower, more tiring than ever but yo just have to do it for the better of yourself and other people as well.. well, obviously this Holy Month is about challenging and sacrificing yourself and focusing yourself to the divine creator. i'm doing it well, i think and i hope so. just trying to be a better person than i was before. im growing up now ain't i ? well, lol.

just wanna wish all of you a very happy day. to all muslims, happy fasting. don't skip okay. be honest to yourself and try to finish till the end. lol ;p go full alright ? it's just a month long that's all. then we all will be free to do what ever we want. legally termed i meant haha ;D
okay, cheers.

Till next post yaww. ;)

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