August 25, 2011

Top 10 Fattest Footballers

i used to call him teddy bear. still do though. in fact, my whole family do. lol because HE IS FAT. undeniable. when it comes to a question,"which ronaldo?" then the answer should be "Teddy Bear Ronaldo not Cristiano Ronaldo" ha ha ha. i adore him, i do. he is the best i've seen in my early years of living. plus, what makes him special is that he's the first i've seen tearing down the goal post when i started knowing football and FIFA world cup. that was epic. he scored hell of goals and managed to lead to the trophy itself all the way. still remember. Brazil was awesome back then. with him, Roberto Carlos, Cafu, Rivaldo, Dida, Juninho and few more i can't recall. a round of applause to them ppl. :)

the thing is, he started flunking out since then. he gained weight, had problems, lost place in a good team, moving from spain back to his roots and in the end, M.I.A . only after that, he bounced a bit for a while and played with Corinthians and retired in the end early this year. sad to know he did so. but, understand the circumstances please. his conditions. he's ageing and moreover +++ size. he had his time. simply a legend to me. go ronaldo. awesome guy with buck teeth and wacky hairstyle (recall 2002 world cup) lol --"

well, moving on. below is the ascending order of top 10 fattest footballers ever known. enjoy ;P

10. Mark Bosnich - When the big Aussie wasn't getting into trouble for snorting the white stuff, he was piling on the pounds. Bosnich said he never liked training and it showed as he added his P45 to collection of honours.

9. Mido - Some journeymen have more clubs than most have hot dinners but it's obvious this wasn't the case for the Egyptian. He evidently has a taste for the game, having played at 11 different clubs but his appetite for food seems even larger.

8. Adriano - The former Inter Milan frontman once had defenders tossing and turning in their sleep. Now the only people losing sleep are his club Corinthians as the big Brazilian looks to control his weight. Once quoted saying "I eat a lot of salad", Corinthians will be hoping he scores like he lies.

7. Benni McCarthy - Big Ben recently criticised Karren Brady, calling her "the devil with a pair of t*ts" after she slated his ballooning weight and said his signing was a mistake. Brady hit back at McCarthy saying "at least I'm supposed to have t*ts".

6. Neville Southall - The Everton legend returned to help Premier League new boys Bradford back in 2000 when City had a keeper crisis. At 41 and about three stone overweight, 'Big Nev' lived up to his nickname.

5. Paul Gascoigne - Larger than life Gazza was never one to shy away from the spotlight. Unfortunately for the England legend, he was never one to shy away from pork pies, beer and kebabs either.

4. Neil Ruddock - 'Razor' should have tried to shave off a few pounds as his contract with Swindon was terminated for him being over 15 stone. A lot of respect to the chap at Swindon who had to tell him the news. Rather him than me...

3. Willie 'Fatty' Foulke - The former Sheffield United and Chelsea keeper once snapped a crossbar clean in two. Weighing 24 stone we're not too surprised either. He also infamously chased referee Tom Kirkham after the 1902 FA Cup final, wearing nothing but his Birthday Suit. Fat chance he caught him.

2. Maradona - The Hand of God was soon the main accessory to help Argentine legend Diego Maradona shovel food into his giant gob. His favourite dish unfortunately isn't humble pie but we believe revenge is a dish best served cold.

1.Ronaldo - The chunky Brazilian tops our chart as the fattest footballer. Two World Cup's and three World Player of the Year awards weren't the only thing under Ronaldo's belt as his stomach was too vast to hide. He eventually lost his battle with the bulge and retired due to his size in February of this year.

teddy bear, chubby, fatso, ball chunk or what ever it is you call them, they fought for their names, their reputations and for their country/club/self name to be this successful. but one thing they can't fight is age facts. irregular practices in diet habit, workouts and health condition affects the physical staggeringly due to increasing age. scientifically speaking, metabolism level in decreasing, generative cells, agility, strength and so on too are depleting, consumed together with our age as we raise the numbers. especially for sportsmen, it's hard to maintain because all the excessive and strain workouts, trainings and other athletic stuffs done during the 'younger' days must be continue forward making sure that the body doesn't feel the big impact of inactive days oncoming . well, not that hard though.. just do a bit of running or walking daily and it would stay put. literally at least.

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