June 20, 2011

exam, exam, exammmm !

SPM 2011

147 days left till D-Day for me and the rest of the form 5 students this year. seriously, gives the shivers in my spines looking at the time table. no joke. fingers and toes are cold. LOL. really hope i could score, really do. i need at least 6 A's minimum. but i'm targeting a full 9 A's . + or - doesn't matter to me. as long as i get the A's. haha. oh, yeah. i'm taking MUET this year. the idea is to get more advantages by doing it early. i'm confident and do believe i'm ready for this now. here's the time table for MUET.

MUET 2011

anyway, just wish me luck and the best. i really need it. haha.

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