June 21, 2011

Seven Billionth Child !

wow, just read that on the newspaper today. The United Nation Population Division predicted that by Oct 31, this year, the seven billionth child on Earth will be born. and guess what, it is Asian. Sources told it is in Hong Kong. amazing thing about this is that human being living on this planet has doubled since 1960's. reason behind this news is that by having a safer, more comfortable and highly developing environment today has increase the factor of living in a happy, enjoyable life.

The six billionth child was born in 1999 declared by Kofi Annan, United Nation Secretary-General. She's only 11 years old now ! By 2025, the next billionth child is predicted to be born. this, strongly supported by the fast paced life and increasing number of babies are born. Can you imagine, thousands of babies are born each HOUR. wow. lol. well, funny thing is that this thing is quite interesting to know of. :)

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