June 24, 2011

follow up of the recent post;

wow. that's all i could say for now. it is undeniable, an interesting info/knowledge to know of. it's common among the people here whether in my school or anywhere outside in the country we commonly asked and kept asking ourselves on WHO ARE WE ? WHERE DID WE CAME FROM ? but sadly, none was answered in a complete logical sense of idea. okay, what we've learnt in school was and is all about the Kesultanan Melayu Melaka. like how Melaka was existed by the hands of the Palembang King, Parameswara who ran away from Majapahit to Temasik (Singapore) and then to Johore and at last, Melaka. how they rested under a tree and etc. well, ya'll know the rest. that's how the beginning of the Malay Sultan Empire.

but what runs down in my mind and few more others as well, i guess, is is that it ? but who were our ancestors BEFORE parameswara came ? they said that those days, the only people living there is just the "orang laut"/"nelayan kampung". i knew, that was not it. this just contradicted a lot of things mainly. like the post earlier, 10,000 years ago ? haha understand that. before Mesopotamia. what about the empires of Srivijaya, Kedah Tua, Langkasuka ? oh and yes, Langkasuka movie by Thai. i watched the DVD. if ya'll notice, the attires. major of the people wore just like how Malays do. with the "Tengkolok" (head pieces like Sultans, Hang Tuah etc wore), the clothes and other stuffs. the weapons too !

and another thing, it is irrelevant to say that the people are from an evolution of an ape or a caveman when the history did stated that civilization already existed way way back ago. if those civilization like Mesopotamia, Indus, Pharaoh etc are already a "modern" city.. so years and years back some more would been even simpler but rather not be too simple and looked dumb as what had been imagined because if the people in that time could've thought about managing an empire with such ideas geniously, they are advanced people. look at those simple lifed people. they can be an example of what back then was. way before the empires. think.

we do have something behind us if we do realize it for real. yes, we don't really know our history well. a lot of factors contributed to this. mainly, the colonization of Portuguese, Bugis(Holland), British, Japan had made us lost our knowings. it's true, they did removed and burnt most of our documents, history, knowledge and changed our mind set. not to blame them, no ! but that is normal for them, a tactic if to say. a harsh word... brain washed us. no, i'm not playing a racial issue that's not the topic right now and never. i've never been racist, i respect other races too. make friends with them. but the topic now is who are we ? it catches my attention that the blog posted such detail thing about the possible history of the Malay race. My race.

but it's all up to us, the current people to rediscover and research our history, our culture and our origins to know who we are, who our ancestors are ?? it's important to put this piece of puzzle into a big picture. it's time to think more logical. if we dont, who will ? only us. don't stop until it's over. until we know our roots. we do need it, for us to gain our knowledge, strength and formality. it's time to make that change. yes, it could be hard. but nothing is impossible. it might be lost or removed, destroyed or worse, manipulated and tainted. finding the truth would shut our mouth and other peoples' too.it's a shame when other races proudly know who and where are their originality, identity. stop making second guesses. believe me. anyway, i guess this just it. i've said enough. just leaving the rest to you people. thank you

p/s: if anyone is hurt or offended.. please, i'm sorry okay. didn't mean any. just expressing my thoughts. hope you guys would understand. :)

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