April 28, 2010


it's funny when i am so fuckin fed up with the ppl around me, what've they done to me, suddenly it goes away in a split second. turns out as if nothing ever happened and everything's back to normal. then again, when i am relieved.. told myself "yeah, everything's fine now. i can just hang out, crack a few jokes and stuffs like that with them." oops, mistake. they're back for more. even worse . not just friends, even teachers too. just dont get it why the hell im the victim here. the target. pin-pointed straightly to me. what happened on the last week's case was a disaster. i was known for a disgrace. but when i decided to call my parents for help... it's done. see, back to my point. as if nothing ever happened anymore now. i just dont understand they're "plans" or "tricks". please people. for god sake leave me alone for once. no need for disturbing me. get a fucking life of your own instead of dragging and pulling on people's. i just can't take this. tried to be the unknown guy.. not working. be on the lowest category in school.. still doesn't work. even though i am not that kind of person back in my place. i wonder what my friends there would think of me if they see me in this kind of behaviour which i'd never done before in my goddamn life. such a goody =.= even i can't believe myself doing this. it's just ain't me. get what i mean ? heh. yeah, you can't shut people's mouth up but it's annoying when they keep on blabbering shit stuffs bout me everyday. yeah, it hurts but then again, "let that it don't kill me, can only make me stronger. " i knew all along that i shouldn't trust each one of you hypocrites. Oh, lol i keep on laughing by telling "i told you so" when i heard the news ya'll got probs with the new man. ha ha ha i don't wanna say anything. just laugh. yeah. you guys chose him over me right ? so face the consequences laa.. i know deep inside each one of you. you do realize that who is the real one's doing the job. the one who care more or less ? :)

just put a smile on your face, brothers.

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