April 12, 2010


Preliminaries: April 24th & 25th
Octofinals & Quarterfinals: April 28th
Semifinals: May 4th
Grand Final: May 6th

The 8th National English Debate Competition 2010

wish me & my team-mates a goddamn luck :O
representing SMK St. Michael, Ipoh with 2 teams divided into 2 groups of A & B which will go against schools across Malaysia by the total of 96 of them. sounds awesome.. but in the same time GODDDDD IT'S SO FREAKIN SCARY. nervous weh. all 21 motions were given on April 10th, 2 days ago. it's quite okay but challenging. mostly abt HSE (health, safety, environtment) all schools were given 2 weeks ONLY to prepare and discuss regarding the motions. all motions will be used time to time until the grand final. brrr... even as the reserve, i do feel the heat. all of us gotta play a role. with that only we can make it to final. but the thing is this year is a bit tricky. all schools will be given a "chance" if they lost instead of being disqualified. 4 debates will be held during the prelims. and will be ranked according the total of winnings and losings. so out of 96, only top 16 will make it to the next round which is the octofinals. im hoping that we could do well and at least make it to octofinals/quarterfinals. but it's better to go to semis or final itself. it'll be an honour to do so. jyeahh. imma try and do my best in this thing. again, wish us good luck. thanks :D

till next post,

R E X.

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