April 13, 2010

it's over .

i am rebelling myself out of KAKIS Community.

byebye "friends". 2 years and half and i had enough. it's like all the things there happening because of me & rey. we both were the only ones that cared abt it. until it knocked us down. we loved the community.. guess we loved it too much, they put the pressure on us ONLY. everything was up to us. non of them were helpful, sorry to say. but the most obvious was the two goddamn founders. =.= fuck ya'll. seriously. know only to have fun and not there when probs arise. so, i guess i had enough and this is it. no more me backing up u guys, no more me to make things better, no more me to plan good stuffs. shit ass mthrfckr. it's all up to you fellas now. do what ur best at. i have nothing to do with you all no more. just a final wave of goodbye.

without regret,

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