December 2, 2011

Freedom .

SPM finally ended. and yes, it ended beautifully. never felt so happy with my performance until this final test. so, when SPM is over.. it means that SCHOOL IS OVER. 11 years brah, 11 years. wow. long journey. hahah. i just wish i could get the best result by March. all of you, pray hard for me please. thank you. so, what to do now ? sit home and enjoy the life i wanted for so long which is playback a bunch of prerecorded tv shows, download some new series, go online, sleep anytime i want and go anywhere i want. lol. i chose to stay home rather than go out working. it's not that i don't want any extra bucks, it's just that it made me think that the reason behind why i don't like going to school is that to wake up early, stay someplace with a serious, disciplined environment . i would love that by the next 5-10 years time, but not now. i just want to chill out, hang around and be happy with what i have around, still. sorry, it's been 2 days already since i've finished my last paper.. didn't manage to update my blog so fast. been so tired. mentally speaking. seriously, if you ask me... SPM is all about mentality. if you are strong enough to feel the pressure, face the hard knocks.. you are ready. and if you are not ready, please. be careful. to those who are sitting for next year, be prepared. mark my words. SPM aint' as hard as you think. you just have to go on with the flow and get ready for what's coming in your way. remember that. :) so, summing up things.. i just felt so relieved that i managed to pull it off so well. let us see the outcome soon enough then, right ? my only word that day on the last paper.. "wow, it's over". with a great big smile on my face. though i didn't shout or do stupid stuff after that, unlike some of my friends... i just cool off, lay back and kept the smile till i reach home ;) hahaha. i'm really excited of going to college/university. just can't wait for it. hahha

till next post. ;)

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