December 29, 2011

whaddup .

let me guess, it's coming to the end of 2011 and i did not post anything here, right ? gah. well the thing is.. didnt have time to post one. haha not that i am too lazy to post or something it's just that got SO MUCH THING TO DO ! okay, obviously it's not like work or study or something.. i am busy GAMING. lol. wow, took so long for me to have this kind of relieve where i don't have to listen for another babble saying "Daniel, go study !" or "Daniel, it's getting late !" lol though, a nod would settle things sometimes. hahaha. like i said in the earlier posts, got lots of shows to watch, lots of movies to watch and lots of games to play. yes. everyday i eat, sleep. eat, sleep. of course, the three component things of gaming, tv and online is inclusive. but yes, pathetically.. i do nothing but eat and sleep. and i like it. hahaha nah, not doing this for a living but yeah, make use of the time given to you right ? worked my ass off whole year this year and compiling it with the rest of the years i'd studied in school. a simple word.... FREEDOM. finally indeed. haha despite that, i sure can't wait for my results to come in. not that i'm being some over confident bitch, no. easy said, i'm feeling lucky. but i don't know, what's being planned by god, no i don't know. i really hope i get my success. what i'm really waiting for is to enter a new stage. the university/college life. that's the thing baby. haha. whatever it is, i have to wait. and oh, speaking of result... MUET 2011 Year-End exam result is being expected to release by January. so, heads up to me and all the other candidates in Malaysia. (hoping to be RM1k richer) :P lol but only if i get Band 6.won't be easy though.

well, that's that. today i'm leaving KT. going to Kuantan for a few days. same thing last week. been there, not much of a thing.. just been busy with tahlil at house. family and relatives gathered, recited for the passed member of our family. nothing much, didn't really hang out anywhere. OH, i went to see the MI4: Ghost Protocol. awesome shit. truthfully, you guys should watch. action packed :D so, another thing.. things didn't really go as planned. suppose to get the new car my dad bought today and straight back to kuantan, probably visit kl and ipoh... BUT NO. fuck. why ? that dealer of ours made a fucking mistake. did not settle the agreements and documents on time like he promised. even the car didn't arrive yet. now that's the problem. fucking car still in fucking kl. OMG. how mad i was, still do. you guess what my parents thought. lol. so, with that.. we wont be going to kl nor ipoh because the car we're using right now could not fit anything but our luggage. which is kancil that my uncle borrowed us to in exchange of my old car. FYI, you can't fit anything in there. i struggled to get a comforting position at the back with my bro and sis next to me. well, you know. i ain't small. see the body size la wei. hahaha. wtf. i was sooo excited that we suppose to get the car today.. oh well, sunday/monday it is. but by that time... nowhere to go anymore. sucks right ? school's starting next week. so, no point of eagerly waiting for the car anymore. if only my bro don't go to school and my dad don't have to go to work :P hahaha. gosh, one more thing. hahaha didn't manage to tell you that i dyed my hair. again. now this time, brighter. light blond. previously i dyed mocha. too dark to me, that's the problem. cuz you know, i didn't get to dye my hair, not until i'm gone for good from school. that's why my mum told me. so, yes. now's the time. so i want something bright. now i got that. well, if you try to imagine.. it's not like bleachy-yellowish, pale looking blond. it's more of a blond with a bit touch of chocolate/brown. obviously, that's what you get if you mix mocha with blond, right.. hahaha. well, i like this colour. got this good feeling of wee awesomeness ;P hahaha jk. main reason was to feel funky bit. change style. that's all. at least by the next few years, i could say that i dyed my hair blond, and hell it looks good. NOT COMPLIMENTING MYSELF OKAY. fy if you think so. hahaha :P well, wtv.

i know, tiring to read all the stuff i babble right ? hahaha but oh well, sometimes i can't stop my fingers from pressing all these alphabets and type, type and type. i don't really wanna start focusing here much cuz i know, if not i'll be hung up all the time posting, posting and posting. hahaha. right, btw.. as the matter of fact that i'm going to kuantan, i'll be out of touch not sooner than saturday. so, till then... adios.


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