November 18, 2011


really sorry that i haven't continue posting for a while. been so busy, caught up with SPM. so far, everything went very well. things are good now. 4 down 5 to go. and tomorrow, i'll be sitting for MUET reading, writing & listening papers. wish me luck for that and also, of course.. SPM for the rest of the week and the following 2 days of the next. everything passed by very fast and yeah, who'd knew i'll be done schooling in less than 10 days period after for almost 11 years of it. i bet i'll be missing all the memories, the fun and laughter. yes, not forgetting the tears, the anger and so on. lol my days are numbered here and i'll cherish every moment of it. (you bet) ;P honestly, CAN'T WAIT TO END THIS DAMN SCHOOL LIFE ! lol. B-)

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