June 30, 2009

miss them....


started on friday, June 26th 09. venue at Kem Rekreasi Intan Suraya, Sg. Siput (U), Perak. a bit boring in the beginning cuz i don't know anyone there.. only three of us from St. Michael, Kishu and Azim. a lot of schools came representing their regions. 101 students from hulu perak, hilir perak, perak tengah, kerian, kinta (u), kinta (s) and more forming 14 groups. it's nice to get to know them. they were very friendly. it's for form 3 and form 5 but somehow "stupid" koko teacher sent form 4s' there. haha x)

first day i was like damn a want to go home now ! so boring. my psp and phone was taken. so no music. when there's no music, there's no life ! haha. i was shocked when my own teacher, shahruzzaman was the camp commander. haha so bad lah, he dont want to take us there with him. and act like dont know us when we arrived. haha but soon okay. then i started to make frends with all of them. all were very friendly and like to make jokes. haha. i stayed at the kris 11 dorm consist of 26 students. it's the most happening dorm of all. 2am still making noise. can be heard till the bottom. cuz we're on the top of the hill. haha. even though our dorm doesn't have air-con and tv like others, but i was glad to get the 11th dorm. x)

second day a bit sleepy cuz all day long just ceramah, ceramah anndd ceramah. very tiring. but it was okay cuz it's not that bad. they insert some fun in the ceramah. haha debated with all of them about who should've get the one and only life jacket after shipwreck in the middle of the ocean. no winners in the end cuz the teachers confused with all the shoutings and tauntings. hahaha x) we ate a lot there. sarapan pagi, minum pagi, makan petang, minum petang, makan malam, minum malam. so no complaints about foods and drinks. lol. i had a very fun night when i found a durian which fell from the tree. i opened it with a sharp stick. haha i will never forget that. cuz getting a durian there is hard cuz the teachers there wont let us eat one. keeping for themselves. huh ! grrr.. they had fun with the durians and fishing there, we're sufferring here sitting in the dorm.

third day was all the fun begins. went for jungle trekking plus floating on the river.. hell of a day ! climbed here and there, went through a cave then took a dip into the river near the waterfall. then prayed there, otw home, it rained. then ate two durians which we found otw back to the campside. it's not enough even though my team, number 6, ate 7 durians (actually just 4 per team) haha after floating there. yummy yummy yummy ! :D how i love duriannn..

last day, June 29th, was a very sad day... it's the closing day of our camp. all set with their stuffs and wore the uniforms getting ready for the closing ceremony. we sang the national plus state anthem and of course, our theme song, Pulau Harapan by Minus One.. sounds funny in the beginning, but it was okay then. listen to the lyrics then u'll understand.. ahh how i miss singing that song. i started swinging my hands up following the beat.. then all followed and stood up. for the last time. my team got the second for best team. very pround to achieve that. my team should've got first but i lost rm800 for my mistake. well nevermind. im still happy :) haha. then all shook their hands with the teachers and friends with tears and all, took pictures and exchanging numbers.. then all wave and shouted goodbye to each other, hoping to meet each other once again soon.. :)



PRiNCeSS said...


sory klau mengganggu..

akak ni slh sorg peserta kursus kepimpinan tu..

kumpulan 14..

akak nak tnya..

mcm mna nk dptkn gmbr2 yg cikgu jamilah tngkp msa kt kursus tu..

coz ari tu encik shahruzaman ada ckp..

tp xbrapa jelas..

sory klau ganggu..

龙.jün|or said...

oh nvm,
same la,
actually tgh pning kt mne nk dpt.
lupa nk tnya. haha
nnt nk tnya smla ckgu shahruzzaman.
anything just visit blog ni kayy ;D

PRiNCeSS said...

klau da tau jgn lupa gtau akak ye?

PRiNCeSS said...

nnti da tau jgn lupa inform kt akak ye?