June 25, 2009

flowery side of me ;)

credits to seng hoo for this pic.

ahaha me, farris daniel as a flower boy ? funny rite. well, just trying my luck with flowers.. MY FIRST TIME MAN ! tell me, is it okay ? for a beginner laa... hahah x) i decided to join flower arrangement for the smi's speech day cuz like i said, trying. second, cuz i want to do something on behalf of the smi's debators club. pity, no one wants to participate. so i jambu-ly raised my hand saying "take me lah mr. rajan." he said "oh, okay good good. so u and joel ahh.." so happy. haha kesian that fella asking, but all kept quite and slowly hiding their hands. haha.. im a bit blurred in the beginning. donno what to do. so i started by cutting the flower half to make it shorter. joel arranged in the beginning. then after done cutting, i got some kind of idea.. and it helped a lot.. haha together, we made the flower looked beautiful ;D yeah, we didn't win.. but at least, an experience would do... rite ? so, with that, i've planned, base on what the other participants had done.. i might be returning as the flower boy, again next year.. for a spot, yeah ! haha hoping to win ;D cuz i felt like it brings joy by doing this arranging thingy.. haha.


Mastura Daud said...

flower boy? hehehe jangan jadi mat bunga sudah... ayat power!

Seng Hoo said...

thanks, you're welcome. HAHA ;p
I'm credited ;p

was Joel compelled to join the flower arrangement or what? HAHAAAAA.
your first time is simply magnificent! :D it's not even my first yet I made is so horrible, it could peel paint or drown ducks! HAHAAAAAAA.

you still have two more years to represent debator's club or any other clubs in the flower arrangement competition, sadly for me it's my last. HAHA.