September 23, 2008

15 Hilarious Terms and Definitions From College Geek Dictionaries :D

  1. Absent - A protest against a very lousy teacher.
  2. Allowance- A force that motivates a student to go to school.
  3. Ballpen - The best-selling product in the bookstore.
  4. Bonus Points- The key to pass an exam.
  5. Identification tag- An alternative ruler to draw a straight line.
  6. Late and Tardiness- Happens when the teacher arrives earlier than the usual time.
  7. Studying- Causes sleepiness faster than a sleeping pill.
  8. School Uniform- Where you wipe your wet hands after going to the restroom.
  9. Clinic- Home of the best actors and actresses of all time.
  10. Eraser- Throwable weapon of an angry teacher.
  11. Tomorrow- deadline
  12. Cheating- An art unless caught.
  13. Recess- The most favorite subject.
  14. Notebook- Something to draw on when students are bored.
  15. Eyes- an implanted binoculars; used for cheating.

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