January 5, 2012

World's 10 Tallest Roller Coasters

No 10: Goliath - Six Flags Magic Mountain, Valencia, Calif. - 235 feet. Any roller coaster enthusiast will be quick to tell you that bigger is not necessarily better when it comes to riding the rails. Bigger is, however, definitely more terrifying. Here's a list of the world's tallest roller coasters, ranked by size. First stop: Goliath, reaches a speed of 85 mph. Despite its height, it includes a 255-foot drop, thanks to an underground tunnel.

No 9: Silver Star - Europa-Park, Rust, Germany - 240 feet. Silver Star is the tallest roller coaster in Europe, and exposes its riders to 4 Gs of force.

No 8: Titan - Six Flags Over Texas, Arlington, Texas - 245 feet. The Titan, which is almost identical to Goliath except bigger, includes a 540-degree helix twist and 2.8 million pounds of steel in its supports.

No 7: Eejanaika - Fuji-Q Highland, Fujiyoshida, Japan - 249 feet. Eejanaika's seats can rotate 360 degrees forward or backward in a controlled spin. There's some controversy over the Guinness Book of World Record's claim that it has the most inversions of any roller coaster in the world.

No 6: Fujiyama - Fuji-Q Highland, Fujiyoshida, Japan - 259 feet. The Fujiyama course is 6,709 feet long, and riders see it at 81 mph during its fastest point.

No 5: Thunder Dolphin - LaQua, Tokyo, Japan - 263 feet. Thunder Dolphin doesn't just go through the middle of a Ferris wheel, it also speeds through a hole in a building.

No 4: Millennium Force - Cedar Point, Sandusky, Ohio - 310 feet. Overlooking Lake Erie, Millennium Force utilizes an innovative cable lift system, and is regularly voted as roller-coaster enthusiasts' favorite ride.

No 3: Steel Dragon 2000 - Nagashima Spa Land, Nagashima, Japan - 318 feet. The Steel Dragon -- which opened in 2000, the Year of the Dragon, natch -- is the longest roller coaster in the world, at 8,133 feet and two inches long.

No 2: Top Thrill Dragster - Cedar Point, Sandusky, Ohio - 420 feet. Riders on this coaster are launched hydraulically, reaching a speed of 120 mph. When it opened, it had the highest drop of any coaster in the world -- 400 feet.

No 1: Kingda Ka - Six Flags Great Adventure, Jackson Township, New Jersey - 456 feet. It doesn't have "king" in its name for no reason. The Kingda Ka is the tallest and fastest roller coaster in the world, sending its riders on a 128-mph thrill ride

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