February 28, 2010

psp :)

im changing my psp housing from white to transparent :)

whaa~ but i missed my psp. it always by my side everyday. like if im not playing games, i'll be listening to songs all day long anywhere i go. so it feels empty when it's not around. hope the shop make it faster.. *sigh but it'll be awesome when it's done :D
yayy !

the housing is rm130 each. quite reasonable. haha it's not a choice for me cause i can't find any other shop which sells these stuffs. so, im tempted on buying this. well, it's almost time for me to renew the stuffs to. 4 years passed man! what do u expect? plus, my memory stick slot was damaged and my battery cover was already missing during futsal game in kuantan with kakisian. nahh, i don't blame them cuz the cover was already loose before. i lost the cover quite number of times last time. haha my bad. so, now i just have to wait, wait and wait.. a day is already like what a month? =.=

some ppl say their phones are their life. not with them, they'll go crazy. lol same goes to me but in other version. PSP ! is the most important thing to me. just to say, i don't really care bout my phone cuz like whatever! if i don't use it doesn't even matter to me. but there's side effects to that. HAHA i'll get scolded by people cuz didn't answer my phone or turned off my phone. LOL sometimes im a bit lazy to recharge my phone. so, that's how it's off. haha whatever. but now i wont off dyy laa. cuz lot of ppl gonna call me in times. haih some more, i hate to turn on cuz like i need to reload my prepaid frequently. money's goin down. =.= haha wtv.

okay, that's it. till next post :)
adios amigo.

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