February 20, 2010

hols ;)

one whole week in kuantan. wow, how im feeling !? so F-ing excited. haha arrived on friday last week. i was damn sick. feverish, cold, coughing.. ahh hate those things =.= try my best to get well before KAKIS gathering on wed. but wasn't happening. it cured after the gath. haha. went out on sat & sun. met quite number of friends on that day. i was yeah, happy. then i was isolated on mon, tues. urgh boredd.. luckily my bros came by everyday :) not as bored as i would've thought rite. lol yay. goin on flashback during the childhood years, what we've done those days.. haha dont ask, we're not innocent kids. HAHA

wednesday, the gath :) yippy. went megamall on 12.30. waited the whole 21 others for like 3 hours =.= woww HAHA mmg best tunggu org :P ahh nvm bout that. then we went to coffee street. ate there, discussed there, laughed, shouted. HAHA it was fun. then when we're on our way back to the mall, i somehow got a brilliant idea. saw a high stairs leading to Platinum club aka Swing (the former name). lol didn't hesitate. went all the way up there, call all of them. HAHA even i didn't realized that we have A LOT OF MEMBERS. hahaa. 7 tables combined during at CS. hahaa imagine plus another 11 member which didn't attend. lol 10 ? possible.

after took the pic there at the stairs, we walked back. took few more pics. then went straight up to the bowling arena. the plan was to play a bowling game together. but somehow, those MSS guys were having tourney there.. too bad :( well didn't mind, no money jugakkkkk hahaha paid lot of stuffs aldyyyy x) so, nothing to do, we just stayed there. start snapping pics, talking, joking lol then some of them went karoke. *ignore the spelling. and most of us went to the parking lot. trying for photo shoot. buttt didn't work out. HAHA dunno why. it's time for me to go home. okay fine.. bubye.

then the next plan was on thurs, picnic at TC. but was cancelled. then yesterday, friday. out of nowhere, haha they're doing futsal. yayy. went and played. wheyyy tired gila kot sumpahh o.o well, scored 2 goals ;) argued on 1 of it with zack bahaha i pulled his pants when he tried to grab the ball.. but he can't. instead, went in the goal post ^-^ GOAL. hahaa then, makan2, minum2 a bit.. blablabla, went home. then went TC at 11 until 1. hoho it was fun. i just felt that how i missed my hometown SO MUCH :( god, please let me stay here.... hmm, can't stay at other people's place.. doesn't feel right. :/ hope somehow i can go back. please :| ate mcd. yummy. walked through the beach there.. got few guys performing capoera.. nicee. HAHA the stupid dummy guy wasn't there sadly :P i swore a lot at him :))

so i guess, that's just it. it was a great holiday here in my hometown.

i'll be back for more, soon. :)
live long and prosper.

to my friends, good luck on ur exams next week.

mine's on march. haha

till next post. ;)

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FarahSuraya said...

kesiannye kene balik ipoh ;D