April 6, 2009

debate debate .

ohh how exciting to debate. i love it. :)
but what is happening now, my school, SMI,
kept loosing to other schools lately..
why ? it's not like we're suck or whatever the word is...
the reason is, the adjudicators..
i can see that they're buyers !
arghhh soo pissed off.
we, SMI, debated awesomely, but the result always goes to the opponents.
the adjudicators somehow acted NON-professionally..
especially Mr. ****.. kept talking crap..
but nevermind, we still have hope :)
we must win that.
first round begins next week, April 14th.
St. Michael vs USJ 8
that, or....maybe next year.. hmm,
Wira Cup, Rotary Debate and etc...
our turn to shineeee 8]

peace out ;]

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