April 14, 2009

bizzare weekend.. :O

hmm, what a weekend i had last week. my aunt called my mum as soon as we went back from PIKOM pc fair.. she said that my grandma is sick ! shocked by the news, as because they all dont know what's the problem.. so, on thursday me & my family went back to kelantan to look after her... im so happy to be there, as it's been months since we'd went back to kelantan.. aww the wooden houses, the people, the slang, the beach.. how i missed them.. A LOT.

as we arrived, i stay inside the room with acik, my uncle.. talkingtalking.. updating stories.. what happened in ipoh and stuffs.. but then we talk abt smthing strange happened here in my grandma's house lately.. sometimes i felt something weird when i was there.. early morning, me, my sis, acik and my aunt went to the beach to have some funn.. kinda hot and shiny that morning.. well, blablabla (skip story) then we go to the beach again with my little, naughty cousins with my uncle's Trooper.. cool. skipskipskip, at night, four of us and my dad went to KB Mall to buy present for my aunt's newborn.. 9;46pm of April 10th, something great happened ;D hoho skipskipskip, then we went to Wakaf Che Yeh later, bought few keropok lekor, delicious ! X)

we went back nearly 12, that day the full moon was present.. :O went inside, i seemed to think, "kenapa rumah ni cam malap smacam je". oohh, whaddaheck. went upstairs, sit and start assembling my sis's new N70 housing. felt a bit strange going on in my mind... SUDDENLY, my dad shouted my name and my sis's too.. i don't know what's happening.. i thought they made a surprise to my aunt abt the present we bought.. i went down, smiling and asking, "oh, da bukak ke ?" then ppl just looked at me with a sour face. i'm shocked. why they acted like that ? THEN, i past the wall beside me, i saw my uncles are holding back my tok cik, as she's POSSESED . wow, im stunned !

screaming like helll wehh ! jusstt like in jangan pandang belakang... woww.. my first time... dont know what to do, i just stand there and watch.. then my dad shouted, "baca ayat kursi cepat !" then i was like, "ye ye, okeoke" but not moving closer.. haha. thenn, my dad shouted again, i straight away go to the leg and hold. i touched her toe, it's like IT trying to channel to my body, i felt numb straight away on my right hand. but luckily i read the ayat kursi out loud. took the surah yasin, but then IT slammed the surah yasin book which my uncle was holding. tok cik's eyes full of tears, rolled down nonstop. then my uncle read the ayat 1000 dinar and few other surahs in the al-quran. it shouted when we read it out loud. used the lada hitam, kunyit hidup, beras, minyak, bawang and stuffs.. then, tok bomoh came and stirred IT away. but IT was shouting "sakiit! sakit maak !" woww.. all gone, but somehow, we felt IT's still there somewhere...

this happened because tok cik was giving my grandma a massage.. then she saw a thing, "guli" sized yellow colour shining... IT transfered to tok cik from my grandma.

If u look closely, u can see the "genie" in the bottle on the upper part. scary huh... ? it was around 3 o'clock in the morning.. another tok bomoh came... i got the video, wanna see ? in my phone.. hehe.. but a bit weird as he make a dot, then a circle.. then he grab quickly and then blow it in the bottle. hahahh.

next day,
i think nothing's gonna happend. but all things were changed when something happened to my uncle's wife.. it was 5 pm.. she was crying, u know why ? something's on her back. she felt a great, painful force on her back. my plan to go cc is gonee. arghh. quickly me and acik read ayat kursi.. it was fine until the night comes.. somehow we felt that something will happened during the night and we're RIGHT !! damn, IT came again, and now she's possesed. talking weird stuffs i dont really understand.. bending her fingers, menjeling and betulbetulkan rambut.. brr.. scaryy.. btw, im not really focusing on the "exorcism" as im busy watching Chelsea vs Bolton, 4-3. hoho and also Konsert Akademi Fantasia was broadcasting.. haha. Sidi was out, back to Ipoh.. hahaha. X)

but im disturbed by the bomoh, as she suddenly singing, in siamese + arabic and malay language too !! whaddaheck?! with vibrato, alto and soprano, hahaha LOL. then she start moving her hands, then risen up and start dancing in a circle... :O i was like.. "ape kejadahnye minah ni?" ahaha. my dad whispered to me, "pitching lari" hahahaha... X) my mom said that the reason she did that because it's like the "kuda kepang" or whatever la.. it's like a bit haunted.. calling IT to follow singing too or whatever.. even us, siting beside, if felt the power, will sing too... :O blablabla, all done.. everybody went home. since that night, nothing had happened yet so far till today. hope it wont happend again.. :O

moral of the story: hafal lah surah surah dalam Al-Quran tu, supaya kalau berlaku perkara sebegini, kita dah bersedia.

thanks for your time, till next post. :)



Corey said...

wow scary stuff. could make into a good movie material. ur so lucky to be part of it and being young still manage to stay strong.usually IT can easily possessed 'innocent', young mind because it still weak and shaky.but truly ur stronger and 'well protected'.

anyway.. nice pic of genie in the bottle.very rare seen pic or read real story from a real people like this. got video as well eh.. upload youtube cepat! :D

龙.jün|or said...

im just did wht i had to do,
tryig to focus on reading the surah2.
but like i said, IT tried to transfer to me.. haha thank god IT can't..
haha 'well protected' ? idk.. :O

haha its real, mann !
hahah but the video is just the genie part. the possesed part, my family wont allow. BAD MOJO ! haha

alif-mikail said...


really want see some of the pics..