March 31, 2009

Re: Ring Ring !

haha well,
not long after i'd post abt my phone,
i just got N93 as replacement...
thanks to my dad :D love ya !
second hand punya lah kan as it was my uncle's.
it is okay, just the same thing except for the scratches and stuffs all around it.. hohh.
all worked very fine.. no problem at all.
im happy to have phone now. hehe. better than my old 'kuno' phone - 3100. argh sick !
but arh! jealous die tuka fon baru which is THE 5800 xpress music.
its my dream phone okayyy. that time lah..
hope that Nokia would release a better phone than the 5800 xpress music...
cuz my interest for the phone became pudarr.... sedih kott...
semua org dah ada fon tuhh.
but, i got a cool flip phone which can axcess wifi !

by the wayy,
happy birthday to my dearest daddy yesterday, 30th March.
no one can be like Benjamin Button, dad...! hahahh
be happy, always.
x and os'
daniel. :D

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fazi said...

happy belated bufday to ur dad!