March 22, 2009

head hunter !

it is my new hobby !
well, it's not that scary, gore head hunting,
my kind of head hunting is figures' head.
i'd just added a new head in my collection yesterday as i was in kl, shopping.. :D
bought two shirts too, threepointsix and jeep. heheh.
suddenly toys r us came to my eyes..
its like heaven to me... hahah
couldn't resist looking at all of it..!
well, u know me, with toys.. XD haha.

these are the heads i was talking about! lol.
it's a voice changer.
can make cool sounds with their voices..
and it also can make some phrases from the movies.. :D
first is Darth Vader, my fav villain..:D can make his breathing sound by pressing one of the silver button:D
second is Optimus Prime, can change ur's to robotic voice. it work on pranks!! lol
the third and latest, Clone Trooper, press button and voice out. a bit different because u do it like walkie talkie.. :D

soon, i'll collect more.. hehe..
ooh how i love it :D