March 23, 2013


eh apedia, dah study week ? fuuuuuuuuu bia betul hahaha. gila cepat masa berlalu. aku rasa baru je daftar sem haritu dh nk habis dh. haihh. anyway, my final examination is coming soon. ECO162 - 28/3,  CTU151 - 31/3, BEL260 - 3/4, MAT112 - 5/4, MKT243 - 10/4 and lastly ACC116 - 14/4. all i can say is the subjects are somewhat challenging but i believe i can make it through this time. wishing and praying real hard not to repeat any paper this term cuz if i do, a farewell bid to my colleagues in Chendering. :'(

oh btw, after final.. this is what i'm looking forward to. i'm one of the participants contesting under UiTM Kuala Terengganu (Chendering) contingent. there are a few activities, those are Orienteering, EOQ (Bike, Kayak, Walk), Jalan Lasak, Volleyball, Sand Castle and Theatre with Tokoh Pahlawan theme. All of these will take place at UiTM Terengganu (Dungun) for 4 days, 26th till 29th of April. I wish all of you commanders nationwide a very best luck. keep the stamina up, give your best shot & fight till finish. kekalkan semangat komander anda, sentiasa berpegang kepada konsep berilmu & berdisiplin. insyaallah, segalanya akan dipermudahkan. salam 1 komander, jumpa anda semua di sana nanti. SHARK SQUAD we beat the sea B-)

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