October 18, 2012

sup ?

been away for a while, busy with classes and packed schedules at university. so, by the end of this month i'll be off to UiTM Dungun for LIBK training camp. stands for Latihan Intensif Bakal Komander. 12 days there. by the end of it, we'll be wearing the full uniform of Kesatria Negara.. should be fun. but tiring of course. marching marching and marching lol. but i bet it'll be worth it. anyway, just ended my first semester here. not bad, the final exam wasn't so bad after all. i won't put my hopes too high, i just pray that i'll get 3.0 GPA this term. that's all. god please help me with this. oh btw, i heard the matric students are taking MUET right now huh ? i guess the same time as the fellow six formers at schools. all the best to you people. remember, don't make silly mistakes. get at least band 4. okay ? good luck guys. check out my tips out here in the older posts. should be helpful one way or another. :) till next post .

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