June 23, 2012

to UiTM with love :)

i thank god the most for giving me such chance for me to pursue my dreams, my future . my heart might still lay rest in SS somewhere, but i had to make a huge step for my future. yes, staying in form 6 may give me a bit advantage in terms of fast tracking, acquaintances and the environment. But i tell you, made me wonder.. even if i go for it, what i learn in form 6 might not be enough or unsustainable for me to survive in Degree. I need the small details for me to carry on with if i am to pursue my goal of achieving MBA. seems a bit far but you know what, it's not wrong for one to dream as dreams will turn to reality. :)

well, talking bout my place right now, UiTM is somewhat quite awesome. i love the environment now as i started to fit right in with them, blending in. the hostel aka Kolej is okay, though i have to share with another 4 person, i'm lucky enough to have a good, relaxed roommates. they're okay so i am okay. the classes are good as in the lecturers and the classmates.. the food's quite reasonable well not to say cheap though. but i'm feeling fine right now. oh, did i mention it's just 10-15 minutes from my house ? lol weekends are always home for me. those people from Selangor for example, are so jealous of me for having house so near as i can go back anytime i want to. yeayy. alhamdulillah, i can see what's coming from now. thank you. ya'll wish me the best okay, i need that for the next 2 years, 11 months. to my friends, wherever you are and whatever course you're taking... best of lucks. do well okay. may the force be with you, always. ;)

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