April 12, 2011


kuala terengganu. my latest pit stop. yeah, obviously it's been way way long time since i've blogged about something huh. just got bored with it. it's already 3 and a half month since i left Ipoh. kinda miss it though. well, to be honest.. i used to hate Ipoh. but it seems better somehow day by day. especially since i left the place.. damn those sweet memories. lol it's kinda boring here with less entertainment to have. for ex, malls, hotspots to chill and shop, movies, cheap dvd.. nice char kuey teow hahah. and yeahh, bandaraya kuala terengganu has it's price. things' a bit expensive here you know ? despite the argues, it's a nice place to relax and cool down. cuz it's like a simple town. well, nothing much to say. enjoy the pics. *too lazy to upload my own pics* haha later then. and yeah, stay tuned aite. more to come. :D

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