January 1, 2009

My visit to Langkawi Island, Malaysia

From top: Landmark of Langkawi Island (Eagle), Mahsuri's Tomb (Makam Mahsuri), Burnt Rice Leavings, Cable Car, Beach View and The Bridge.

It's a very interesting and fun place to visit. Many historical and legendary stories was told in Langkawi. I recommend you all to go there and have a very fun holiday. Don't go for a day or two only! because you won't be having enough time to visit the whole island. FYI, each of the picture above have their own stories. peace =)


Mastura Daud said...

bagus tu, akhirnya sampai sana gak, k.mas pun nak round2 sana kalu boleh nanti,

abg ngah update la pasal g mana2, tak kira tpt shopping pun, cik mas nak tgk.. rindu m'sia nih..

яex .☆☆☆. said...

haha okay2.