November 11, 2008

Ultra Slim Mouse MA-BTCARD

Bringing an extra mouse along with you can be burden, and do you actually use the PC slot in your laptop? The Ultra Slim Mouse MA-BTCARD won’t take up any space in your computer bag because it fits directly into the TypeII PC card slot on your laptop! Not only that, but it gets charged this way as well. To use, simply pop it out and start surfing. It uses Bluetooth so there’s no need for any wireless dongle as long as you have it too.

Ultra Slim Mouse MA-BTCARD features:

• Interface: Bluetooth Ver 1.2 Class2
Frequency range: 2.402GHz~2.480Ghz
• Connector: PC Card TypeII (charging)
• Range: Up to 10 meters
• Buttons: 2
• Optical sensor
• Operation time: 5 hours continuous, 178 days standby
• Size: W54 x D87 x H5mm
• Weight: 40g.
• Supported OS: Windows Vista, XP
• Manual: Japanese

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