August 14, 2010

this just ain't right ...

two stupid fuckers who are so called “gangsters” did a real fucking stupid thing yesterday. lol the story goes when we got the physics paper.. i got B. well, that guy lol funny he failed. i didn’t know that.. just trying to be friendly by going to him and ask what you’ve got ? tried flipping the paper to know the score and guess what i get ? shouted. “TAK PAYAH LA GAMPANG! AKU CKP JGN, JGN LA!!” hahaha what theee fucckk.. the joke was, i only tried to do it once and he said it like i did like a couple of times. haha. then the drama starts. i said, chill lah. just wanna know… asal kurang aja sgt aku ckp elok2 kann… then i was blamed as kurang aja ? hahaha. then i said, wtv laa fucker. jgn nk jd kelam sgt laa. threatened to punch me then, i said “bak datang kasi rasa penumbuk lu?!” he shut. act.. most of the time he’s shutting up. and what, i was talking to one of my friends in front of me.. i was sitting on his chair not realising it though. he came back from recess, pulled the chair straight. i fell. i started being furious. “dah tak reti nk ckp elok2 ke gmpg?” i tried to move out of the place, he blocked my leg. then i pulled it out, he kicked me. —” damn, i’m angry. i kicked him back twice. ahh, serves you right.. i love the pain in the face. TWO THUMBS UP !. lol and yeahh back to yesterday.. he skipped school. idk why. things went normal back there till i went home, walking. at the junction, i saw two guys with a bike. and guess what, it’s the asshole.. with a baseball bat. short version. lol. i smiled. thinking.. what the fuck are they up to now. AMBUSHING ? lol soo fucking scared. he then, blocked me. wohohoo you know what he said, i was damn kurang ajar, only came to the school for a month, bangus sgt laa ? then, abt the paper he said i pulled. i said no, you pulled it. i was just holding it. then he questioned me why it’s crumpled then ? —” again, he pulled. then he said aku tak buat apa2 pun kt hang.. asal hang tendang aku ? lol just loooove to blame things on ppl. he started right ? wtf laa. then he and that fat ass threatened to hit me with the bat. i was like woooo, what the fuck is wrong with ya’ll ? jgn laa nk kimak sgt.. lu check dlu apa mslh luu, igt sape start dulu la LANCAUU! he got no points, just repeating “hang diam”. “aku nk settle baik nii.. jgn la kurang ajaa. ckp baik2!” hahahahahah you know what, analyse this guys.. who the fuck comes with a goddamn baseball bat, two against one, waiting in front of my house ambushing… and says AKU NK SETTLE BAIK. LMAO WHAAT A JOKE ! bodoh lu nk settle baik apa mcm nii. ni threatening namanya.. so i said, dah. aku nk balik. buang masa melayan lu org. aku penat, aku puasa, aku nk balik, tido. he said, okay walk lahh.. so i walk.. half way to gate, he halted me —” hang tunggu! apa lagiiii ?? the fat guy keep saying “pukul je diee.. kasi pecah kepalaa…” haa, cpt la. pukul ah kalau berani i said. bak datang. lu gemuk diam. ckp nk pukul nk pukul, tak buat2 gak. tecegat situ simpan lemak. he swung the bat but it didn’t hit me though. i really felt punching him in the face but nahh, reminded myself not to get into trouble. PUASA WEH! dahh, balik je!!.. thank god. then i shouted to them.. oi balik laaa wehh.. taya nk buat lancau kt sinii.. dah la skola tak pegi! ponteng! tgk wa, pakai baju skola, pegi skola. bukan macam LU ! ahaa. *middle finger* and that’s it. i went home. cool down, go for friday prayer, slept, break fast… yaddayaddaa im here blogging. but still, can’t get it out of my mind. i’m thinking that i made a mistake for not swinging some beefs back there sometimes. like shitt, what a waste. i could’ve just finish it and shut them up for good. but well.. it’s over. for now i guess… “hang jaga, hang tak slamat ngan aku skg. tgk ah nnt” :)) my personal reply for that……. HAAA MARREEEHHHHHHHH !!!!! haha damn mthfckrs.


whaddup ppl. back again posting stuffs :) it’s the fasting season again and i’m soo damn tired. wahaha spent my days chilling and sleeping waiting for the time to break fast. really hoping this ends fast cuz i surely can’t wait for RAYAAA ! haha. this year, i’ll be in kuantan. with the advance hols before aidilfitri, i think i’ll take a train back home earlier than my parents (hopefully) so that i could enjoy some fucking times :D lol then on 2nd day of it i’ll be leaving to KB. as always, the football season starts and i’ll be in front of tv speculating it. haha and just now was international friendly matches. and guess what, england WON ! 2-1. claps to gerrard ! germany drew, argies won, holland drew, won and few more i couldn’t recall. this weekend would be the premier league opening matches and chelsea woud be up against west brom. they recently lost to man utd on the comm. shield match, 3-1. bad, bad match for chelskie with the less formed. —” hoping for the best though.. retaining the trophy again this season :) oh, english oral is in the corner.. 2nd part of it. wish me luck ^^ mum’s making cupcakes and cookies and i’m the salesman. lol been helping to sell at school. quite a success, alhamdulillah. with rm2 packs i knew ppl would buy cuz while they’re studying and such, simply could munch it. i know ain’t suppose to eat in class but hey, that’s the idea of keeping you awake and focus. isn’t it ? well, works for me. haha. and that my friends, is a perfect way to slip in a bit of business plan :) hmm. yeah this just it for now.. till next post soon. tata~